Technical staff with more than 20 years of experience regarding certifications, acreditations and following processes of conformity evaluation. BRA has a huge knowledge and experience to provide analysis, submission and monitoring in registers and type approval of new products and equipments, in comply with INMETRO (and others) ordinances and standards.

Step 1

To evaluate documents in comply with the requirements (certificates, drawings, data sheets, manual and others)

To promote and/or participate in meetings with the responsible Agency focusing to get additional answers; to clarify information; to identify delivery time for each step.

step 2
Step 3

Resolução Conjunta ANP/INMETRO No. 1, de 10/06/2013
Portaria Inmetro no. 484, de 07/12/2010
Norma NIE-DIMEL-013 - Diretrizes para apreciação técnica de modelo, 2015.

To prepare and adjust any documents which will be submitted to the responsible Agency, including reports and forms

Submission of the initial documents and forms; monitoring and support to analyse the first feedback from the Agency, including support to attend any additional requirements.

Monitoring and coordinance during all the process, including (if applicable): activities to attend requests from the Agency; adjustments in documents and registers; activities in consulates; suppliers monitoring (laboratories, tradution services); support during the equipment importation; and monitoring of delivery times for each phase.


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